Exam revision information

Examination Guide for students and parents. This booklet is designed to provide information for you and your parents so you can prepare fully for the exam season.  

Year 11 private study rooms

The rooms below are available for pupils to go to and revise after school until 5pm (unless stated) This is always at the teachers discretion.

The library is an excellent resource open everyday until 5pm

Week 1










M13 (until 4.30pm)


M13 (until  4.30pm)


M13 (until 4.30pm)



Week 2










M13 (until 4.30pm)


M13 (until 4.30pm)


M13 (until 4.30pm)


Art catch up sessions:

Thursdays after school till 5pm each week and every break and lunchtime.

Business Studies: 

GCSE Business revision sessions are available on a drop in basis. Please speak to a member of staff should you wish to arrange a subject specific session.

Economic and Business A level exam support sessions are available on Tuesday and Thursdays during 2nd break each week. This is an opportunity to gain additional support or seek feedback on exam questions.

Business intervention timetable – Wednesdays BS1- 1 Weds BK1, 2 Weds BK2

Intervention will be targeted in Business Studies. Revision sessions will be by invite only and will be targeted based on the needs of the students.

OCR Cambridge National Enterprise and Marketing




Current Coursework Grade


Mock Exam Result


Coursework Improvements

BS1 Lunchtimes and after School (All days)

Exam dates

Only applicable if a resit is required (May 2020)

Revision Material


Past papers x 3 on shared area

Revision guide



100% Exam




Mock Exam Result


Revision Sessions

1 Wed Bk1, 2 Wed Bk2

Extra Revision

After School BS1(Every day)

Exam dates

Paper 1- 21st May 2020

Paper 2- 2nd June 2020

Revision Material


Past Papers x 7 on shared area

Revision Guide

Other resources

Business knowledge organiser- Sent on Show my homework if lost

Business Textbook in BS1 on the shelf




Business ed


Up until Easter – students book in with teacher for rehearsal slots (some after school and some lunch times) for 1:1 group support with their practical exam.

Over the next few months there will be targeted intervention for students who are under performing in the written exam. Intervention will take place every Thursday break 2 and will be by invitation only. In these sessions, students will have tailored support that will include: structuring exam responses, reading the exam question and understanding the focus and practicing timed responses.

Design and Technology

DT students are welcome / invited (some we will insist on) to join Wednesday workshops during Break 1 – this will be teacher led and individuals targeted on their controlled assessment progress (or lack of).

Wednesday during break 2 students can work in the department on practical / controlled assessment but this will be more an independent environment, they will take ownership on their priorities but staff will be there to create  a good /focused working environment.


Mr Bruff - podcasts

Mr Bruff Youtube - select the video relevant to the text you study

BBC Bitesize - English Langauge


A short retrieval quiz will be set online (Show my homework) every week. Students will then have a week in which to complete the retrieval quiz

Those students failing to complete the quiz, OR not achieving a high enough grade (above 50%) will be required to attend an intervention session during Break 1 – Friday. Each Friday, the new quiz will be published online.

In addition to this, there are specific intervention sessions for named students whereby pupils are targeted and invited.

History Revision:

Year 11- Monday break 1- H2




Mon 20th Jan

Ancient and Medieval Medicine

Mon 27th Jan

Early Modern Medicine (Renaissance, Hunter, Jenner)

Mon 3rd Feb

Modern Medicine (Germ theory onwards)

Mon 10th Feb

Elizabeth’s court and Parliament

Half term


Mon 24th Feb

Life in Elizabethan times

Mon 2nd Mar

Troubles at home and abroad for Elizabeth

Mon 9th Mar

Historic environment

Mon 16th Mar

IR: Peacemaking

Mon 23rd Mar

IR: The League of Nations and international peace

Mon 30th Mar

IR: The origins and outbreak of WW2



Mon 20th April

NG: Germany and the growth of democracy

Mon 27th April

NG: Germany and the Depression

Mon 4th May

NG: The experience of Germans under the Nazis

Mon 11th May

Exam technique Paper 1

Mon 18th May

Exam technique Paper 2

Half term


Mon 1 June

IR and NG exams

Thurs 4 June

Med and Eliz exams

 Other sources of revision material:

History knowledge organiser

GCSE guide to exams (found on the shared area)

GCSE history flashcards creator (found on the shared area)

GCSE wider reading and hindsight magazine (available on shared area).

Other sources of History GCSE revision material:

History knowledge organiser

GCSE guide to exams (found on the shared area)

GCSE history flashcards creator (found on the shared area)

GCSE wider reading and hindsight magazine (available on shared area).

Hindsight magazine available from this link (ask Librarian or teacher for password)

Year 13- Monday before school- 8am-8.40am- medieval history.


In Maths we are going to be offering 5 groups per week, on either a Thursday or a Friday after school until 4.30pm, starting 27/1.   Each group will work on the same topic for a week but at different levels.  Students will be directed to the group most appropriate for them by their teacher.  There will be some students that will be told they should attend, but it will be open to all. 

The topics until the next mocks are:

January 30th/31st – Algebraic manipulation

February 6th/7th – Equations

Feb 13th/14th – Fractions.

Students will be expected to sign up at the Maths foyer.

We will not run sessions during the mocks and the topic schedule for after the second mocks will be publicised at the beginning of March.

Useful Resources for revising 


School Workout

Mr Barton Maths Revision Resources

Exam Solutions

Maths and Physics tutor 

Maths Genie

Revision Maths

A Level Maths Revision


Modern foreign languages

French, Spanish, Polish – students will have received an individual Targeted Intervention schedule from their subject teacher and this is currently being followed in class with a view to covering revision systematically and directly relating it to the skills needed for a particular exam, particularly writing and speaking.  Students should remember the premise “little and often” for revising, retaining and reusing the target language”.

GCSE Music Revision

Mr Figliola will run eight after school revision sessions (3:35 – 4:30pm) based on the eight set works as follows:

Wednesday 26 February – Purcell            

Wednesday 4 March – Star Wars

Wednesday 11 March - Release

Wednesday 18 March - Beethoven

Wednesday 25 March - Queen

Wednesday 1 April – Wicked

Wednesday 22 April – Brandenburg

Wednesday 29 April – Samba Em Preludio

Mrs Perfect will organise targeted coursework catch-up sessions with individual students after February half-term.


Revision is period 6 Wednesdays after school every week

Religious Education

Weekly targeted revision sessions- the focus is on areas that our assessments inform us require extra help. These sessions are every Monday in RE6, break 2. These sessions are also available for any year 11’s who choose to attend. We also offer study time intervention every 4 weeks along with the other core subjects, and have provided every PP student with there own revision book. We do a cross department “tune in Tuesday” task which focuses on a particular topic and/or question type that we have identified a need for extra focus on in class.

Science Year 11- Preparation for Examinations- Science

Recall Tests Schedule.

  • - All year 11s will sit a 10 question recall test every fortnight per subject in lessons as per the timetable below; Content based on knowledge organisers so Students have no excuse and will be given this timetable in advance.
  • - Students who fail the recall test and who have been identified on the intervention list will re-sit the test during Tuesday break time 1.

Dates (Week Beginning)




13th January


Atomic structure and periodic table


27th January


Atmospheric chemistry and using resources

Atomic Structure

10th February

Infection and response



½ term




2nd March


Quantitative Chemistry

Particle Model

16th March

Homeostasis and response

Chemical Changes

Forces and motion

30th March

Inheritance and variation

Energy Changes/Rate of reaction


Easter holiday




20th April


Organic Chemistry/ Chemical analysis


4th May

Paper 1 topics

Paper 1 topics

Paper 1 topics

Exam Dates for the Summer



Date and time

Biology Paper 1

Cell Biology; Organisation; Infection and response; and Bioenergetics.

Tuesday 12th May (p.m)

Chemistry Paper 1

Atomic structure and the periodic table; Bonding, structure, and the properties of matter; Quantitative chemistry; Chemical changes; and Energy changes.

Thursday 14th May (a.m)

Physics Paper 1

Energy; Electricity; Particle model of matter; and Atomic structure.

Wednesday 20th May (p.m)

Biology Paper 2

Homeostasis and response; Inheritance, variation and evolution; and Ecology.

Monday 1st June (p.m)

Chemistry Paper 2

The rate and extent of chemical change; Organic chemistry; Chemical

analysis; Chemistry of the atmosphere; and Using resources.

Wednesday 10th June (a.m.)

Physics Paper 2

Forces; Waves; and Magnetism and electromagnetism

Friday 12th June (a.m.)


General resources: 

Exam organisation

Revision Skills


Quizlet Quizlet is a free online program in which both teachers and students can write interactive glossaries within minutes. 

A-Level Review Magazines available from this link (ask Librarian or teacher for password)