Entry Level Certificate - Science

Entry Level Certificate and Co-Teach GCSE- Lower entry students

In SPHS we run the AQA Entry Level Certificate (ELC) in year 9 and year 10, under a co-teach structure with the full Trilogy Combined GCSE.  The ELC builds on the core scientific concepts and skills taught at Key Stage 3. Bridging the knowledge gap between KS3 and KS4 for some of our Learners. Studying ELC science will build students’ confidence in science, especially lower-ability students. Assessment is on demand, so your students can complete assignments when they are ready, helping to keep them motivated.

The specification comprises six components. Each component has two assessments: one externally set and one internally set.


  1. Component 1- Biology: The human body
  2. Component 2 - Biology: Environment, evolution and inheritance


  1. Component 3 - Chemistry: Elements, mixtures and compounds
  2. Component 4 - Chemistry: Chemistry in our world


  1. Component 5 - Physics: Energy, forces and the structure of matter
  2. Component 6 - Physics: Electricity, magnetism and waves

In Year 9 students cover components 1,3 and 5. In year 10 students cover components 2,4 and 6.

At the end of each year students then reflect and develop on their ELC learning, covering the same topics with the GCSE level content.

Link to specification: https://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/science/elc/science-5960/introduction