Year 7 Autumn Term:
Reading Detectives

Exploring literature through time with a particular focus on crime and mystery

In this unit we will be looking at a variety of texts, all of which will require some good detective work: can you solve the mystery within the pages?

You will start by writing your own mystery story. What conventions will you use? How will you engage your reader? Can you structure your writing effectively?

You will take a journey through the mystery and crime writing genre, reading a modern mystery novel with your class. What mysteries will you uncover? There will be strange appearances and disappearances, sinister characters, plot twists and mysterious settings.

You will develop your skills of inference by reading a selection of extracts from other mystery texts including novels and short stories from different time periods.  How do writers engage their readers through their use of language and structure? How has mystery writing changed and developed over time?

There will also be a focus on independent reading and you will prepare a presentation on the novel you have read to give to the rest of the class. What other mystery story will you read?   Good luck detectives!

End of unit self-assessment:


I can do this

Where have I shown this? 

I can effectively craft my own narrative writing 



I can proof-read and edit my writing carefully



I can understand texts and make inferences



I can use Point-Quotation-Comment


I can zoom in and comment on language choices 



I can make connections within a text and comment on the way it has been structured for effect