Drama Extra Curricular Activities

KS3 Drama Festival

Students at KS3 are offered the chance to attend a weekly drama club in their respective year group. From the beginning of the spring term, students will start to prepare for a performance, open to parents. In July 2019, students from year 8 performed Willy Russell’s Our Day Out; whilst in June 2019 students from year 7 performed a creative adaptation of The Arabian Nights.

Past performances include:

May 2018 – Into the Forest (Year 8 Drama Club)
December 2017 – ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas (Whole School Drama Production)
July 2017 – Much Ado About Nothing (Year 9 Drama Club)
June 2017 – Murder Inn (Year 7 Drama Club)
May 2017 – The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty (Year 8 Drama Club)
December 2016 – The Snow Queen (Whole School Drama Production)
May 2016 – Our Day Out (Year 8 Drama Club)
November 2015 – Teechers (Senior Drama Production)

Musical Theatre

Here at St. Peter’s, we are very proud of our past Musical Theatre productions. The Performing Arts Department aim to deliver a whole school production annually, involving students from years 8 to 13. Auditions, casting and rehearsals start in the spring term in order to prepare for performance in October. A demanding schedule, students have to be dedicated and enthusiastic about both music and drama to take part as rehearsals take place at lunch times, after school and during the school holidays. However, the outcome is incredibly rewarding for all those involved!

Past performances include: Wizard of Oz (October 2018) and Singing In The Rain (October 2015)

Coming in October 2019: Peter Pan