Head of Performing Arts: Mrs Gemma Skyrme

All students at key stage three have one drama lesson a fortnight. Lunch time drama clubs are run for each year group (Drama Clubs are currently suspended due to COVID restrictions) and the drama department works closely with Music in the staging of productions. 

GCSE Drama

Exam Board:  AQA

GCSE Drama is an exciting and challenging course which focuses on performing, presenting and evaluative skills, providing opportunities for you to work as part of a team in both scripted and devised drama. You will develop essential communication and presentation skills during the course which transfer to the workplace in any profession. Indeed, previous drama students have gone on to occupations ranging from theatre and theatre administration, teaching and the law to medicine, the services, business enterprise, construction and marketing.

Assessment 3 Components:

  • Component 1: Understanding drama – written exam (1 hour 45 minutes), open book, 80 marks, 40% of GCSE. 3 sections: A = 4 Multiple choice (4 marks); B = 4 questions on a given extract from the set play chosen (44 marks); C = one question on the work of theatre makers in a single live production (32 marks)
  • Component 2: Devising drama (practical). You are marked on the process of creating your devised piece through your Devising log (60 marks). You are also marked on your Devised performance (20 marks). 40% of GCSE – marked by teachers and moderated by AQA (completed in year 10)
  • Component 3: Texts in practice (practical). You are marked on your performance of two extracts from one play. Each extract is marked out of 20 (40 marks). 20% of GCSE – marked by a visiting examiner from AQA (completed in year 11)

Key Skills:

As well as developing your understanding of style, how theatre is developed and produced and your performance skills, you will also develop a number of personal skills, such as: resilience, creative thinking, leadership, team work, commitment, confidence and problem solving.  


 A-level Drama and Theatre Studies is a popular A-level subject and the department offers many opportunities for students in all key stages to participate in extra curricular activities (currently suspended due to COVID restrictions).