BTEC Health & Social Care

Across Key stage 4 and Key stage 5 St. Peter’s Offer a progression pathway in health and Social Care. Using the current BTEC Tech award L1/L2 (2016) in Years 10 and 11(equivalent to One GCSE) and the BTEC National 2016- Extended Certificate (2016) (equivalent to One A-Level).

The teaching team consists of Mr Freeman (Lead Internal Verifier) and Mrs Palmer


The intention of Health and Social Care is to ensure that each student has the opportunity to understand the wide range of opportunities within the field, as well as preparing students for future employment.

The Health and Social Care courses are vocational qualifications which take an engaging and inspiring approach to learning and assessment. The course equips students with a sound, specialist and realistic understanding of how to meet the needs of individuals using services and specialist equipment, whilst challenging stereotypes and discrimination.

The sequencing of the curriculum has been designed to develop understanding across Four key Strands of the Health and Social Care-

  • An understanding of the Principles of Life span and Development- we allow students to develop a biological, psychological and sociological knowledge of the milestones we expect to see in a Person’s Life. Also those events and conditions that impact on a persons wellbeing.
  • An understanding of the care values and Skills we expect in professionals- This is at the heart of Health and Social Care which develops skills such as empathy, compassion, communication, commitment, tolerance and empowerment.
  • An awareness of the Roles, Organisation and Implementation of Care – We want Students to develop a national and local understanding of the ways in which care is delivered, the management and organisation of both public and private bodies, in meeting the needs of the people.
  • Application of knowledge to specific cases- Concepts alone do not prepare students for accessing careers in the industry. We aim of students to apply their knowledge through case study work and experiences to develop the key skills and understanding to realistic challenges faced in Health and Social Care.

Supporting the ROCK values

The Health and Social Care courses contribute to the embedding of the St. Peters ROCK Values. The key themes are Respect, Optimism, Community and Kindness. We promote Respect where students learn about vulnerable groups of people and about the characteristics protected by British laws to prevent discrimination. Students learn that health and social care practitioners need to show respect and tolerance for different cultures and faiths. Kindness is a key element of the care values students learn about, with a focus on how practitioners can meet the care needs of different groups of individuals include those with disabilities and mental health conditions. Community is a key theme as well as health and social care students learn about practitioners who dedicate their professionals’ lives to caring for others who need their support, this includes learning about the NHS, the education sector and the social care sector.


The BTEC Health and Social Care curriculum has a positive impact on the outcomes of every student. It raises awareness of different needs and the range of services available. It promotes good health which will provide life-long benefits on themselves and their families. It has a good success rate in terms of academic results and destinations. Finally, students express their enjoyment within the subject and consistently engage and participate in all activities given.