Clubs 2019 - 2020

Art Clubs:

St Peter's have some amazing artists, join them!
Come to an art club to develop new skills or to hone new ones:

Monday Break 1: Paper crafts A1

Wednesday Break 2: Art Films A3

Thursday Break 1: Manga A1

Thursday Break 2: Photography A3


Monday 2nd break: ROCK Solid in the chapel

Thursday 2nd break  GLOW in the chapel

National Cyber Discovery Club

Thursday both breaks – invitation only


Interested in the Environment or keen to work in the STEM profession? Learn and develop skills at this club.

Join the Green Team!
years 7 - 11 welcome {6th form club tbc} 

Every Tuesday Break 2 In lab 10 (SCX) 

Sixth form green team

Thursday break 2 Lab 10

Eco Club News 2017/18

Key stage Three History Homework Club:

A quiet place to work with help at hand for students in years 7 - 9  

Wednesday break 2 in H4


Monday               3.45 – 4.15pm       Percussion Club                  All welcome

Tuesday               Break 2                 Choir                                    All welcome                      

Thursday             Break 2                 Jazz Band                             By invitation


- Boys’ Choir, Girls’ Choir and Chamber Choir rehearse in the weeks leading up to concerts

- Mass Band rehearses in the weeks leading up to whole school Masses

- Practice Rooms are open every day in Break 1 for independent practice

- MU2 is open every day in Break 1 for GCSE/A Level independent work

Sport Clubs:



Break 1

Break 2 

After school


Yr 8 & 9 Basketball

 Yr 7 Basketball



Yr 10&11 Netball (SBS)





GCSE Badminton



Yr 7 Netball



Yr 8 Netball- bottom courts (MB)


Yr 9 Netball- sports hall (KD)



Yr 8 & 9 Basketball


KS3 Gym/dance



Yr 11 Basketball






Yr 7 Basketball


KS3 Gym/dance


Yr 7 Netball






KS3 Badminton





Yr 10&11 Basketball