Assembly topics 2021 - 2022

Year 7



6 September


20 September

Year Saint

4 October


18 October

Who can help?

8 November

Settling in

22 November

Giving Tree

6 December

Healthy Eating & Exercise

17 January

Fundamental British Values

31 January

Internet Safety

14 February

Core Values

7 March


21 March

Equality Act and Protected characteristics

4 April

Growth Mindset

16 May

It’s okay to fail!

6 June


20 June

Protecting the planet

4 July

Summer Reading

18 July

End of Year Awards


Year 8




21 September

Who can help?

5 October

Fundamental British Values

19 October

Equality Act

9 November

ROCK award

23 November

Giving Tree

7 December

Real meaning of Christmas

18 January

T and L

1 February

Growth Mindset

15 February


8 March

Walking in the footsteps of Jesus

22 March

Anna McGurk Award

5 April


3 May

Are you a positive influence?

17 May


7 June


21 June

Physically wellbeing

5 July

Looking Ahead (year 9 expectations)

19 July

Looking back

Year 9



8 September

Welcome Back Yr 9!

22 September

The Year Ahead

6 October

Equality Act and protected characteristics

20 October

Fundamental British Values



10 November

The Giving Tree

11 Nov

Chelsea’s Story

Tuesday 16 November

Year Saint – St Agnes of Assisi

24 November


8 December




5 January

What Do You Want?

19 January

Aspirations and Sixth Form

2 February

E Safety

16 February

Finish Strong



Wednesday 2 March

As Wednesday

9 March


23 March


6 April

Anna McGurk

4 May

Our World

18 May

Through the Ribbon



8 June

Summer Bodies Are Made in the Winter

22 June

Something Lovely

Wednesday 29 June

Feast of St Peter & St Paul

6 July

End of Year Celebrations

20 July

Moving Into Yr 10!

Year 10



9 September

Behaviour / Standards


23 September

Fundamental British Values


7 October

Equality Act and Protected characteristics

21 October

ROCK Award

11 November

Introduction to Year Saint

25 November

Sexual Harassment


9 December

Giving Tree

6 January



20 January

Radicalisation and Extremism


3 February


Praise and Encouragement

17 February


Inter-Form Challenge

10 March


Anna McGurk

24 March




7 April


Healthy Living

5 May



19 May


Revision Skills

9 June


End of Year Assessment

23 June



7 July


Celebration Assembly

21 July

Last day of term


Year 11



16th September



30th September

Introduction to Y11 Saint


14th October

Sixth Form


4th November

Who can help?


18th November



2nd December

Giving Tree

16th December

Revision Masterclass

13th January

Equality Act 2010

27th January

Radicalisation and Extremism


10th February


Fundamental British Values

3rd March



17th March


Radicalisation and Extremism

31st March




28th April



12th May



Year 12


Tuesday 12th October – Expectations


Tuesday 2nd November –  The importance of giving (Children in Need)


Tuesday 16th November –  Giving Tree


Tuesday 30th November – Growth Mindset


Tuesday 14th December –  The real meaning of Xmas


Tuesday 11th January –  New Year resolutions


Tuesday 25th January –  Chasing your dreams


Tuesday 8th February –  LGBTQ


Tuesday 1st March – Slavery


Tuesday 15th March – Mid-year review


Tuesday 29th March – Sexual Harassment


Tuesday 26th April – Cyber profile 


Tuesday 10th May –  Revision / Prelim exams


Tuesday 24th May –  Healthy Eating


Tuesday 7th June –  Fundamental British Values


Tuesday 21st June – Careers – what path should I take?


Tuesday 5th July – UCAS introduction


Tuesday 19th July – Summer is here


Year 13


Monday 24th September – Welcome back


Monday 12th October - UCAS applications


Monday 1st November – The importance of giving – children in need


Monday 15th November – Giving Tree


Monday 29th November – Growth mindset


Monday 13th December – The real meaning of Xmas


Monday 10th January –  New Year resolutions


Monday 24th January – Managing your money 


Monday 7th February – Apprenticeships


Monday 28th February –  Mindfulness


Monday 14th March –  Radicalisation


Monday 28th March –  Fake news


Monday 25th April  -  Preparing for examinations


Monday 9th May – Revision skills


Monday 23rd May –  Preparing to say goodbye


Friday 27th May  - Year 13 Leavers assembly