Alumni association for former students

As a St Peter's student you will always be a special part of our history. By signing up to the St Peter's alumni network you can be an important part of our future too.  Alumni members play a vital role in helping to develop the school.  Contact to join our alumni network.

Seeing people like you achieving great things after leaving St Peter's will inspire current students to work hard and broaden their horizons - you could be a mentor and a role model!  It's also a great way to stay connected to the school and fellow students once you have gone out into the big wide world.

Whether you’re at university, doing an apprenticeship or have been in a variety of jobs for the last 10 years, we would love you to join our alumni network so that we can stay connected and let you know about any exciting opportunities we hear about. 

There is no obligation to do anything after you’ve signed up but you’ll hear about opportunities to get involved with us if you want to.   

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Mrs S Beeton, Head of Careers on