Year 11 study leave plan

Year 11 will go on study leave after their maths exam on June 6th.

Until the 6th the students will be in school full time.

Up till half term the students will attend their exams according to their timetables and will spend the rest of their time in their usual lessons where they will receive revision lessons from their subject teachers.

The timetable after half term will look like this:


AM (periods 1, 2 and 3)

PM (periods 4 and 5)

Monday 3rd June

Normal lessons or HISTORY exam

English revision sessions for all of year 11

Tuesday 4th June


Normal lessons or MUSIC exam or BUSINESS exam

Wednesday 5th June

Maths revision sessions for all year 11 or SPANISH exam for periods 1 and 2 and then maths revision

Normal lessons or GEOGRAPHY exam

Thursday 6th June

MATHS calculator exam

All year 11 on study leave plus HISTORY exam

NB: Morning exams start at 09.30, Afternoon exams at 13.00. Students must arrive 15 minutes before the exams.