For this week’s T&L feed, we have focussed on constructing 6 mark questions. The 3/4/5/6 mark questions have now become a more integral part to the lesson (reluctantly teaching to the test!).

The pupils need practice on how to construct and scaffold an answer to an extended writing question. The ‘PEA/PEE formula is something we have all heard of and it is a very simple method of applying the theory content to examples (particularly in mixed ability groups). Using an example 3 mark question, pupils have to firstly make a (point) e.g. a gymnast needs to have a mesomorph body type, (explain) which means they are muscular, have broad shoulders with little body fat and narrow hips, so that, (apply) they can use their muscles to generate power and strength to hold a balance or perform a routine on the apparatus.

         PEA       PEA      PEA

The template above (first picture) formed part of a revision activity for an end of unit test. Pupils were given an A3 sheet of the above and had to link the image in the centre to the topic using the PEA formula. Not only was this a great revision activity but pupils were also practising writing developed statements.

The use of the cones (third picture) involves pupils working in threes, on each cone was written point, explain, and apply. Pupils are given a question, the pupil with the point cone has to write the point, then the pupil with the explain cone writes an explanation of the point, and then the third pupil with the apply cone has to apply the explanation using an example. Pupils then read and assesses each groups answer. This can be done as a carousel activity and for a 6 mark question as well.