Mock review

With the completion of Year 10 and 12 Mocks, this week we are including a reminder of a handy feedback sheet that can be used with students to get them to reflect on their work. This was covered on the latest T&L newsletter but we felt it deserved some more detail. Click here to download the sheet. The sheet offers great reflection for students and also provides a quick structure for a mock feedback lesson; all you do is follow the steps:


  1. The big picture – This first section reminds students of their target grade and highlighting if they have met that target yet on the paper.
  2. Raw scores – This section allows students to see their raw scores and how many marks away from their target they were.
  3. Question analysis – This section makes students write down their scores for each question and allows them to identify any trends. For example they may find that they performed less well on explain style commands but did well on describe.
  4. Purple pen – This part is where as a teacher you can walk students through each answer and get them to annotate extra tips etc. on their paper.
  5. Post it reflection – Based on the information they have gained, students then summarise what they lost marks for across the whole of the paper.
  6. Next steps – This final section of the sheet encourages students to think about their next steps through Y11 and take ownership of their attainment for your subject.


Let us know if you use the sheet and how you found it.