Memory recall games

This week we are giving examples of resources that can be adapted across subjects, to be used as starters to practice recalling information, or can also be used as plenaries.


Beat the mouse!

Use it with mini-whiteboards. Used to recall facts/information/give you instant feedback from the class.

Spanish version has lively music, French version more sedate.


Million Pound Drop

Used to recall facts/information/promote discussion & teamwork.

Kids get into pairs/teams.

Have to decide which of the answers to put their “money” on (just give 20-30 cut up bits of paper/card/give coloured counters/post-its),

but must leave one drop blank each time.

Money on correct answer gets saved, team take that back to use on next question… Money on incorrect answers “drops” (they lost that money).

Winning team = last team standing / team with most “money” by the end.

Click here for powerpoint example.