Learning walk - engagement

The feed this week is based on a Learning Walk undertaken by several members of the Teaching & Learning team on Monday to look at engagement techniques.

Firstly we would like to say thank you to all staff who allowed us into their lessons (and our apologies if you were expecting us but we didn’t get around).

Something that really stood out to us was the effective use of resources across the whole school to engage students; the use of practical equipment, iPads, whiteboards, books and viewing exam mark schemes with GCSE students. We were also really impressed with how engaged students were and the incredible amount of positive language and feedback being used across the school, by both teachers and students.

Below we have selected just five of our highlights from the Learning Walk:

  • We saw many engaging starters being used, such as multiple choice quizzes in History. We also saw ’10 words I associate with…’ being used in an RE lesson, as well as ‘Photo reveal’ where an image is slowly revealed and between each reveal students had to discuss what they could see.
  • There were many interactive practicals taking place in Science and in one lesson we saw a teacher encouraging students to use their own sign language to communicate. This aided students to focus on their communication skills and reduce disruption.
  • In one Maths lesson we saw a teacher using jelly beans in a very visual way to teach ratios to a low ability group.
  • We also saw an English lesson where A Level students had been moved into a circle to encourage their dialogue in a discussion.
  • In another RE lesson we saw peer teaching, where students were researching and creating posters ready to teach part of a topic to their peers in the following lesson. This meant the onus was on the students and they took clear responsibility for their work.


Thank you for reading.