This week’s teaching and learning idea is a suggestion for giving feedback which hopefully provides a solution to writing the same comments on students’ work again and again.

As you mark a set of tests/essays/mocks, use the whole-class feedback sheet to record what students are doing well and where they are slipping up. Ensure comments are precise and clear. On the work itself, provide brief annotations and record a mark/score/grade.

When you have recorded all your comments (including the names of any pupils who have answered a particular question well), photocopy a class set of your feedback sheet. Give each student a copy of the sheet to stick in their books. During whole-class feedback, ask pupils to highlight the comments that apply to them as you work through each question; if they are unable to do this, provide a key in order to identify which comments apply to them.

This may be something to try when marking Year 11 mocks!

Thanks to Esme for the example below.

Mock marking