Feedback on Feedback

Following a learning walk asking pupils’ opinions regarding homework feedback, it was really encouraging to hear the how they value teacher feedback. Pupils’ attitudes to homework were generally positive and several pupils were very animated when discussing their homework.

Subjects which use marking criteria grids pupils understood and could explain how they worked. Linking in to the ‘Teaching Backwards’ inset pupils mentioned how a model exemplar is extremely useful to help them make progress.

When chatting about other forms of feedback we had a mixed response depending on their personal experiences. Some pupils noted they really valued a postcard or a phone call home. Those that didn’t value positive SIMs remarked that they often didn’t know they had received them. Those that didn’t value other forms of praise stated it was because they had not received them.

Pupils almost unanimously agree that they check the grade first before reading comments and annotations. What they valued most about the feedback was overwhelmingly how to improve. Pupils like to know what they did well and if they are making progress. Concise comments appeared to make more impact with the pupils.

Thank you very much for allowing us to pop in and speak to the pupils. Their enthusiasm was a credit to their teachers.