Exam stress

With many of our students now facing exams we thought it was worth including some resources on how to revise and dealing with exam stress. Below are some useful infographics on dealing with stress and looking after your mental health. 

Exam stress infographicExam stress infographic

We have also included a link to a resource on how to revise. Various studies have shown that although re-reading and highlighting notes feels rewarding, it is only an illusion of competence and has a negative impact. We have recommended resources in previous T&L feeds to use to teach pupils how to revise, focusing on retrieval practice, spacing and interleaving which are the most productive strategies. 

This study guide is good at reinforcing the key principles as some pupils may misinterpret some of the strategies if too generic. Wellington College have produced a study guide illustrated by Olivier Cavigioli which is really easy to read, highlights the key principles for pupils and parents, dual coded and uses specific examples to illustrate each point. The study guide is in a good format for printing to put on form notice boards or to project on the screen. 

Wellington College Study Guide