Exam organisation

This week we are including some resources to use with exam groups to help with organisation and focus. The first is an example of a revision timetable. Students can add in exam dates and then organise their revision accordingly. Each day could then be broken into intervals to ensure they cover all subjects.

Geography revision


We have also included the idea of 100 blocks a day introduced in briefing on Monday. This could be used with any groups of students to identify their healthy and unhealthy habits in a very visual way. Each block accounts for 10 minutes of their day. Ask students to colour code the blocks based on what they do each day e.g. watching TV, homework, sport, sleeping etc.

Students could consider the following questions; how many blocks are put towards making your future better? How many of them are spent with other people, and how many are for time by yourself? Which are your favorite blocks of the day, and which are your least favorite?

Give students a target- could they do 6 more blocks a day on revision, homework or reading? Do they need to allocate 3 blocks a day as time for themselves?

Discuss with them about making it a habit to not break this chain of setting this target every day.


                   100 Blocks a Day

100 blocks