Before and After

This week we are including two ideas to try out with classes over the summer term.


Year 9 GCSE

Why not try some of your GCSE level work with Year 9 pupils?

This was tested with some Y9 Spanish pupils who were tasked with attempting a GCSE style “describe a photo” in Spanish. They were given help sheets with some key vocabulary and an example of a good answer.

The work they produced was far better than expected and was an absolute eye-opener for the Y9s. They realised with some coaching and support that they can already produce GCSE style work, and their confidence soared.



This idea is like the pre-mortem : post-mortem idea from “Teaching Backwards” inset and is good for showing pupils the progress they made in the lesson.

Pupils are given a grid (or sheet) at start of lesson with a question/s. They complete it as a starter during register.

At the end of the lesson, you ask them to go back and attempt the question with their new knowledge (different colour pen?) You can peer assess and get them to share feedback.

They should then be able to see some progress. This will prove to them that they ARE learning, and that attempting something TWICE can be a good thing, not a failure.