2 dice 1 pen

This week we are including a simple way of adding an element of competition to your lessons to engage students.


“ 2 dice 1 pen ”

In pairs pupils are given the same activity or sheet (Questions to answer/ gapfill)

They both have a dice, but only one pen placed between the 2 pupils.

Both pupils start rolling their dice until they roll a 6.

Whomever rolls a 6 first picks up the pen and starts the sheet.

While that player is working, the other player keeps rolling their dice until they get a 3, at which point they can steal the pen and start work on their sheet.

This continues, with the pen swapping between players each time someone rolls a 3.

The winner is whomever finishes their sheet first.


Why it’s good:

  • This way they get the work done but it involves fun, competition and gets them working faster!
  • Can take as long as you want; just make the sheet/activity shorter or longer.
  • Starter / AfL during the lesson / Plenary
  • Minimal resources (Needs dice, sheets if using them, kids should have pens)



If you want them to complete a more practical challenge (eg both playing the keyboard/ completing an exercise plan) you could call it “2 dice 1 hat” and so they can only do their task when they have the hat on, etc. (It’s a bit like the chocolate game from the 90s when you had to put the gloves and hat on – anyone else remember that??)

You could switch it up by changing the number they have to roll occasionally during the activity, so not only to they have to focus on the work but listen out to number changes at the same time.