Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

At St Peter’s we actively encourage and inspire young people to take ownership of their career plans and to consider all options open to them so that they are able to select the best way forward for their aspirations, abilities, interests and learning styles. 

We encourage students to think broadly and ambitiously about their future education and career options and to consider current labour market conditions to ensure they make well informed decisions about their futures.  This is strengthened by excellent relationships and contact with independent careers advisers, local employers, training providers, colleges, universities and school alumni.

Our extensive careers education programme ensures students in years 7-13 receive timely information, advice and guidance regarding the full range of options available to assist them to make informed decisions about their next steps in education, training or employment.

The Careers Service in school is provided by Head of Careers, Mrs Sarah Beeton, and is supported by Mrs Georgina Blackburn, an independent Careers Adviser 

Where to find us  
In the Careers office at the bottom of the maths block.

Opening Times 
The office is staffed Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8.30am to 3.30pm.

Any student is welcome to drop by during break times and lunchtime or to email appointment requests to

One to one guidance appointments are available during the school day and, wherever possible, are arranged in free periods for sixth form students and by agreement with teaching staff in KS3 and KS4.

How can careers staff help you? 
One to one guidance interviews are client centred, whereby you set the agenda for the interview.  You have the opportunity to discuss your career plans and to consider a wide range of options that best suit your aspirations, strengths, abilities and
learning styles. By providing individualised and impartial information, advice and guidance, we can help you to:

  • Research your career ideas,
  •  Investigate learning and work opportunities,
  • Research the local and national labour market,
  • Evaluate your options and decide on the action needed,
  • Make year 10 and sixth form/post 16 and post 18 option choices
  • Prepare a CV,
  • Apply for part time employment or Apprenticeships,
  • Discuss university courses,
  • Find a work experience placement (Yr,12 & 13)

Further opportunities and information available here:

KS3 Careers

It is never too soon to start exploring your career ideas.  Why not visit the school library where you can access a wide range of books to help you explore different career ideas.  Alternatively, try looking at the wide range of careers websites that are available as they may help when choosing your year 10 options pathway:

KS4 Careers

In year 11 you will need to make some important decisions about your future pathways. Exploring your career ideas will be really useful.  

In addition to the careers activities which you will cover in class, you might also want to talk through your ideas and plans with a registered careers adviser. One to one appointments can be made by calling in at the careers center.


Finding out more about the career sector you would like to work in is an important part of career planning. It can help answer questions such as:-

  • Is it a thriving sector or does the economic environment mean there are likely to be closures or redundancies.
  • Is the area a growth sector and are new jobs predicted in the future?
  • Are there local opportunities for this type of employment?

The following websites will help me to find out more about the labour market:- Nomis – Official Labour Market Statistics Graduate Prospects and LMI For All

LMI For All  is an online data portal, developed by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, which brings together existing national sources of high quality labour market information (LMI) that can help  inform your choices about careers.  

Useful Careers websites

Further opportunities and information available here: Apprenticeship vacancies, labour market information, careers information etc

Complete the Spartan Test on SACU to produce career and subject suggestions.  An online database of over 700 different jobs

Careerpilot   A good website with local information about job sectors and option choices

If you’d rather listen than read, then try watching some of the podcasts and short videos of people talking about their jobs on icould. is the Science Council's careers website designed to provide information for young people, their parents and teachers about the jobs available after studying maths and science.

If you are aged 13 and over you can also access lots of useful careers information and talk to a trained careers adviser from the National Careers Service.  is a place for you to explore careers and employers as well as search for vacancies.

In addition there is a wealth of excellent information available on the web. Take a look at some of these websites:

Total Professions enables you to explore a wide range of professional careers and provides information and articles to inspire you to achieve your dream career.

World of Work Another excellent resource to find out about jobs in the south west region.

Careersbox  Career films on the web Register on this website to find out about current Apprenticeship opportunities.

AutoRaise -  technical apprenticeships in in the Vehicle Repair industry. 

Click here to find out about the top ten jobs which could change the world!

Click here to find out about careers in the NHS

Interest in a career as a make-up artist find out more here The London Beauty
Training Academy

Sixth Form Careers 

University? Apprenticeship? Sponsored Degree? Employment?

There are a wide range of possibilities so planning your progression from the sixth form is vital. To ensure you are well informed about the range of opportunities available to you, regularly check out the Careers Blog available on  This contains links to a wide range of websites, information pages, labour market information, Apprenticeship and employment opportunities, specific careers information and relevant news items. This website is a ‘one stop shop for careers information’.

Further personalised guidance is however available from personal tutors and from registered careers advisers in the careers centre.

You can also access a wide range of useful careers information and talk to a trained careers adviser from the National Careers Service.

Click here for more information on apprenticeships

Cick here for the apprenticeship website.  Click here to download a booklet on apprenticeships. 

Click here for a useful infographic on apprenticeships.

Careers appointments can be made by dropping into the Careers Centre or e-mailing Mrs Beeton at

Advice on choosing your A levels

Career options

Advice for students interested in Higher Education

The UK’s 50 most popular universities for school leavers

Target Careers website:- 

Free guide for those interested in applying to Medical School from Premed projects:  Applying to medical school guide

 Building your CV

University application support

Work experience

Advice for your gap year

University open days

The UK’s 100 most popular employers for school leavers


Apprenticeships .

Higher and Degree apprenticeships are widening access to the professions bringing together the very best of higher and vocational education. Degree apprenticeships give students  the opportunity to attain a degree from some of our best universities whilst training in a top flight career. Tuition fees are paid for by the employer and the government and you will be learning and earning a salary from day one.

To download a copy of the listing please visit:

Gain access the very latest apprenticeship information through live broadcasts – completely free of charge! Watch

interviews with employers and their apprentices by joining live or watching on catch-up at a time to suit you.


Parent/Carers – for further information about apprenticeships please download the following guide:-


Click here to read the St Peter's Careers Strategy

Click here to read information about making Careers advice impartial and effective