Starting school at St Peter's

Information about what you need to know and have when you start at St Peter's as a student.

  • Equipment 
  • School Transport - School bus routes
  • School uniform and Appearance
  • 6TH Form Dress Code
  • PE Kit information - Link to online shop for PE Kit 
  • Cashless catering F&Q, and  Free School Meals
  • School Library - membership and opening hours
    • As long as you have enrolled at St Peter's you are automatically a school library member (we don't issue cards) your name is all we need to know to issue you a book.
    • In the main school are permitted 2 books for 2 weeks (although we may extend this if you are reliable and if there is a holiday).
    • In the sixth form we may issue text books (for a £10 returnable deposit) and you may borrow up to 6 items for four weeks.
    • We do not fine, we only ask for payment for lost or damaged books and if this is not received students will be banned from borrowing.
    • The Main Library is open from 8 am at break times and after school until 5pm.
    • The Sixth form Library opens when there are staff in the building and closes when the school locks up for the night at 6 pm. Students may use the library during their study periods and at break times, they may also use the Main Library where during the start and end of the day they will find a member of the library staff.