Clubs 2020 - 2021 school year:

Year 9 Speaking Out Club

Monday week 1 lunchtime 1 in E1

Year 7 Craft and Calm - The Feel Good Creative Club

(Starting in November 2020) Wednesday Week 1 Break 2 in M8

Listen to inspirational podcasts and videos, make bracelets, broken book crafts, mindfulness colouring and more!

Year 8 Creative Writing Club

Starts Monday 19th October and then Monday Week 2 Lunch time in ML1

Short stories, Non-fiction, Poetry, Scriptwriting, and more



After School clubs as of 05/11/2020 are suspended subject to potential changes to timings tbc. 


Break 2

After School



Girls Hockey - Year 10 + 11 (4.45pm Finish)

Boys Rugby Year 11 (4.45pm Finish)


Boys Rugby – Year 9 Week B

Girls Hockey - Year 8+9 (4.45pm Finish)

Boys Rugby – Year 8 (4.30pm Finish)

Boys Rugby – Year 10 (4.45pm Finish)


Girls Hockey – Year 7

Boys Rugby – Year 7 (4.45pm Finish)


Boys Rugby – Year 9  Week A

Girls Rugby – Year 7, 8 + 9 (4.45pm Finish)

Boys Football – Year 7 (4.45pm Finish)



Girls Football – Year 7 + 8 (4.30pm Finish)


Under normal circumstances St Peter's has a varied ranged of extra curricular activities running both during the school day and out of school.
Below are examples from the 2019 - 2020 school year. 
Many of these are currently suspended due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic.

Art Clubs:

St Peter's have some amazing artists, join them!
Come to an art club to develop new skills or to hone new ones:

Paper crafts A1

Art Films A3

Manga A1

Photography A3


ROCK Solid in the chapel

GLOW in the chapel

National Cyber Discovery Club

Invitation only


Interested in the Environment or keen to work in the STEM profession? Learn and develop skills at this club.


Sixth form green team

Eco Club News 2017/18

Key stage Three History Homework Club:

A quiet place to work with help at hand for students in years 7 - 9  


Percussion Club                  All welcome

Choir                                    All welcome                      

Jazz Band                             By invitation


- Boys’ Choir, Girls’ Choir and Chamber Choir rehearse in the weeks leading up to concerts

- Mass Band rehearses in the weeks leading up to whole school Masses

- Practice Rooms are open every day in Break 1 for independent practice

- MU2 is open every day in Break 1 for GCSE/A Level independent work