School Guidelines - Lockdown November - December 2020

Full Government Education and childcare settings: New National Restrictions from 5 November 2020

Key Changes with effect from Monday 9th November:

1. staff and students must wear a face covering / mask at certain times (see below for details)
and that
2. after school sporting activities cannot take place during this lockdown.

Please ensure that you read this information carefully and that your child/children have a reusable mask and a sealed plastic bag to keep it in or that they have a new disposable mask every day. Reusable masks need to be washed regularly.

Buses and shops
All our students are above the age of 11 and must wear face masks properly (to cover both the mouth and nose) for the full duration of any bus journeys and also when going into any shops.

Lessons and moving to and from them
As at the moment, staff must stay at the front of classrooms and students must remain at a distance from them. Students must continue to sanitise their hands before entering a classroom as well as using a sanitiser wipe to clean their chair and desk prior to being dismissed.
Students (and staff) must wear masks when moving from one lesson to another anywhere on the site and including when going up and down stairs and in corridors.
The guidance means that teachers, teaching assistants and students will all need to wear a mask when entering the classroom but students will remove them when instructed to do so after they have been asked to sit down. Teachers and teaching assistants will remove their masks at the same time.
The general rule is that if students are standing up &/ or moving around inside, they must wear a mask. If students have been asked to sit down inside, they take their mask off.
At the end of the lesson, after cleaning the desks, students will be instructed to put their masks back on prior to being dismissed.

​Sixth form students
Students in the sixth form block need to wear masks at all times unless they are eating or drinking. The only exception to this is when students are in the study corrals in the independent study section of the sixth form which links to the main library.

(Best practice is for students to put on and take off masks without touching the main part of the mask and instead by touching the loops. Reusable masks should be placed in a sealed plastic bag.)
Break times
Masks should also be worn by staff and students at break and lunch in indoor communal spaces like the main hall apart from when students are seated and eating or drinking. In practice there are few areas where this will apply but will apply in the marquees and in the sixth form block.
Unless further guidance is received, students do not need to wear masks when outside at break in the open air but students who are inside during break and lunch will need to wear masks unless they are eating.
Students who ‘visit’ offices for various reasons must wear a mask.

Clinically vulnerable students should continue to attend school

Clinically extremely vulnerable students
The guidance states that Most children originally identified as clinically extremely vulnerable no longer need to follow the original shielding advice. Parents should be advised to speak to their child’s GP or specialist clinician if they have not already done so, to understand whether their child should still be classed as clinically extremely vulnerable.

Those children whose doctors have confirmed they are still clinically extremely vulnerable are advised not to attend education whilst the national restrictions are in place. Schools will need to make appropriate arrangements to enable them to continue their education at home.

Children who live with someone who is clinically extremely vulnerable, but who are not clinically extremely vulnerable themselves, should still attend education.

Parents of clinically extremely vulnerable children will be receiving a letter shortly confirming this advice.

Please inform us as soon as possible
1) if your son or daughter is exempt from wearing a face mask
2) if your son or daughter's doctor has confirmed that they are still clinically extremely vulnerable and advised not to attend school during this lockdown.

Guidance about remote teaching via MS Teams and your consent
I emailed you some time ago about the possibility of students being taught via Teams should a year group (or more) have to be at home. If you have not already given your consent to the protocol for remote lessons, please reply giving your consent. We are still waiting for some replies and your children cannot participate in remote lessons without your consent to the arrangements.

It remains vital that students follow all the protocols we have put in place to mitigate against Covid-19. Students who disregard these systems or put others at risk will be disciplined in line with our behaviour policy (see website) which could lead to a fixed term or even a permanent exclusion.