Component 1 Catholic Christianity:

Religious Education

Head of Department: Mr Christopher McDonald


Unit 1: Who is God? (Autumn Term)

Unit 2: Who is Jesus? (Autumn Term)

Unit 3: What is the Kingdom of God? (Spring Term)

Unit 4: What are the signs of Catholic identity? (Spring Term)

Unit 5: What are the joys and challenges of living as people of God? (Summer Term)

Unit 6: What are the signs of identity for Jewish people? (Summer Term)


Unit 1: Does the past shape the present? (Autumn Term)

Unit 2: Christian Spirituality(Autumn Term)

Unit 3: Evil, Pain and Suffering (Spring Term)

Unit 4: The Church Today (Spring Term)

Unit 5: Vocation (Summer Term)

Unit 6: What are the signs of identity for Hindus? (Summer Term)

Year 9:

Unit 1: The Church’s Sacraments (Autumn Term)

Unit 2: The Prophets – Past and Present (Autumn Term)

Unit 3: Prejudice and Discrimination (Spring Term)

Unit 4: What are the signs of identity for Muslims? (Spring Term)

Unit 5: PSHE and RSE (Summer Term)

AQA B Theme A: Religion, Relationships and Families (Summer Term)

KS4 GCSE Religious Education

Exam Board: AQA Option B:

Component 1 Catholic Christianity: (Paper 1: 105 minute paper 4 questions 96 + 3 marks)

50% Study of Catholic Christianity: 

  • Creation
  • Incarnation
  • The Triune God
  • Redemption
  • Church and Kingdom
  • Eschatology

Component 2 Perspectives on faith: ( Paper 2: 105 minute paper 4 questions 96 + 3 marks)

Section A Study of Judaism 25% :  

  • Beliefs
  • Practices

Section B Themes 25%:

  • Religion, Relationships and Families
  • Religion, Human rights and Social Justice

A Level Religious Studies - Philosophy and Ethics 

Exam Board: edexcel