Throughout  KS3 we follow the 'People of God' scheme of work which is a nationally developed framework mapped against the Religious Education Curriculum Directory for Catholic schools. This scheme is produced by the Catholic community and developed by our teachers to suit the needs of St Peters' students. 

The name ‘People of God’ recalls the language of the Second Vatican Council used to describe the Church. The documents of the Council remind us that all the baptised are the Church, the People of God. We are Called to Serve the mission of the Church as the followers of Jesus who came to serve not to be served.

Overview of KS3 units:

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Term 1 Who is God? Salvation History The Church's sacraments
Term 2 Who is Jesus? Christian Spirituality Prophets past and present
Term 3 The Kingdom of God Evil and suffering in the world today  Prejudice and discrimination
Term 4

World Faith Project:


World Faith Project:


World Faith Project:


Term 5 The signs of Catholic identity The Church today 

Values and Commitments:

Religion, Relationship education

Term 6 The joys and challenges of Catholic life today Vocation today


AQA Religious Studies B

Be men and women with and for others: true champions at the

service of others                                                              Pope Francis