The St. Peter’s ROCK Award

ROCK Award logo

New in September 2017 the St. Peter’s ROCK Award is designed to reward those values that have always been a part of St. Peter’s for as long as the school existed. The award is very simple; we wish to recognise and reward the vast majority of our students who uphold the St. Peter’s values year after year. To do so we have put our values into 4 key categories: Respect, Optimism, Community and Kindness or ROCK. This reflects the Catholic teachings of sacrifice and service as well as tying into the excellence that St. Peter’s regularly shows in areas such as music and sport.  






Tie - in to positive and negative sims per year. Aggregate total of +80 sims

(3 in category)

Deadlines met - no homework detentions all year


Uniform fine - no uniform negatives all year


Promote respect in school and social media via a project such as a video for reception screen


Part of debating society; reflecting different viewpoints


Reconcile after conflict 

Regulary use terms of respect   


Subject commendations e.g. Star Baker etc..  10 per year


Maths challenge award and any other subject challenges


Member of the Brilliant Club


DofE Bronze or Silver expedition


Attendance 95%


Most improved in the subject end of the year - 1 per subject per year group


Regular player in sports team (play in 50%+ fixtures)


Role in school production

(6 in category)

Member of Choir or orchestra


Move up a set in a subject


Revision attendance


Work displayed in the school


Careers: appointment, university open days, apprenticeship secured, workshops e.g. STEM?


Positive P8 scores after GCSEs


4s in lessons


Complete the reading challenge


Complete EPQ


Complete GAP/GROWS events 

ART Club

Careers Day awards


Contribute fully to an assembly/liturgy or mass


Subject Ambassador inc. open evenings and days


Running a club


Being a prefect with a duty


External role in community e.g. brownie helper, sports coach


Ambassadorial role e.g. school council member for a year, Head student

(4 in category)

Develop or run a community project such as litter picking, eco club, gardening, library monitor


Part of dinner hall tidying team


Complete the NCS programme in year 11


Compete in House competitions - 2 events minimum


Work in outreach projects with primary schools


Public commendations on behaviour e.g. travelling to school, school trips etc


Complete cycling proficiency

External agency work    

Civic spirit

Library work


CAFOD involvement


Other charity work - e.g. run a Children in Need event

(2 in category)

Caring work in community


Year 11 mentor or other mentoring


Nominations from other students via Head of Year


TA or EAL work for other students


Giving tree gift or organise form shoe box appeal


Part of the young carers group


NCS - Young Gloucestershire National Citizen Service

DofE - Duke of Edinburgh Award