Outline calendar for parents 2016 - 2017

Term Dates : (all inclusive)


from Monday 5th September until Friday 21st October

Wednesday 31st August: is an Induction Day for new staff

Thursday 1st September: is an InSET day for staff [Teaching & Learning]

Friday 2nd September: is an InSET day for staff [Teaching & Learning]

Monday 5th September:  Year 12 registration day, 09.00 - 16.00

Tuesday 6th September: Year 7 start.  Year 12 induction day, 09.00 - 16.00

Wednesday 7th September: week 1 timetable lessons.
Year 8-11 return;
Year 12 begin timetable;  
Year 13 return and their internal exams begin



from Tuesday 1st November till Friday 16th December 


Wednesday 4th January is an Inset day for staff [ethos]

Thursday 5th January till Friday 10th February 


Monday 20th February till Friday 7th April 


Monday 24th April till Friday 26th May

Monday May 1st is a Bank Holiday: the school will be closed.


Monday 5th June till Friday 21st July 

Monday 24th July is an inset day for staff.  This day may be replaced by compulsory Autumn twilight inset sessions.

Tuesday 25th July is an inset day for staff *

* Departments may choose to replace this day with two twilight sessions (in total).