Wear it Pink on Friday 19th October

October is Breast Cancer awareness month.
St Peter’s has been supporting the breast cancer charity Breast Cancer Now for many  years, (we will be supporting Prostate Cancer (Wear it Blue) on Friday 15th February 2019.) obviously it is about raising funds, but also it is about having fun and raising awareness.

To raise funds for the charity students are given the opportunity to donate and wear something pink there will also be additional fund raising events taking place in school - cake sale, raffle etc

Last year we raised £1000, can we beat that this year???

Instructions for WEAR IT PINK

£2 donation, which will also give them the chance of winning up to £30 on the day in a sweepstake,  this is a recommended donation which covers wearing something AND the sweepstakes.  Students may purchase more than one picture on the sweepstake, so long as everyone else has one.

What can students wear?

  • Pink shirt
  • Pink tie
  • Pink socks
  • Pink jacket
  • Pink pants
  • Pink hair bobble/scrunchie/ribbon
  • Pink overcoat/over jacket
  • Students should still wear their blazers (KS3 and 5) and crested sweaters (KS4).

For the sweepstakes:  Students donate £2 per picture.  Write their name under the picture, the winning student will receive HALF of what your form collected. 

For more information see: