We are Going Pink on 18th October

On Friday, 18th October St Peter’s High School is proud to be supporting ‘Wear it Pink Day’, raising awareness and funds for Breast Cancer Now, the UK’s largest breast cancer charity.

In the UK Breast Cancer is the most common cancer, with over 55,000 people, including 400 men, diagnosed with Breast Cancer each year.  Thanks to advances in research, new treatment, earlier diagnosis, breast screening and Breast Cancer awareness, people are surviving longer.

Students and staff will be taking part by wearing a pink item of clothes (shirt, tie, socks, jumper…) in return for a donation of £1. In addition, each Form will be running a sweepstake that students can enter to raise funds. For £2 they get a chance to win half the money put into the sweepstake, with the other half being donated to Wear it Pink. That could be a win of up to £30 for one lucky student, if everyone in the Form enters! Let’s hope we can raise lots of money for this important charity.

For more information about Wear it Pink