St. Peter’s year 9, 9 hr, Run to Wales on Thursday 21st June

Year 9 students at St. Peter’s RC High School in Gloucester are going to be putting their best foot forward on Thursday 21st June as they attempt to the run the equivalent distance to Wales inside nine hours. The students will be working together and running in relay teams aiming to achieve a distance that could be somewhere between 47 miles (equivalent distance to Newport), 87 miles (equivalent distance to Swansea) or maybe even beyond!

All Year 9 students involved are required to get sponsored to take part in the charity event to raise money for CAFOD, a charity with whom the school have traditionally worked closely with. Fred Ma’a, Joanna Fajkowska, Elicia Kennedy and Finn Kelly, all Year 9 students at St. Peter’s, have spoken at assemblies, worship events and their local churches in order to raise awareness of the charity work that their year group is undertaking.

The Y9hr Run to Wales charity event is being supported by Cheltenham Town footballer George Lloyd; a former St. Peter’s student who previously helped organise the previously successful Philippines 24 Hour Challenge charity events at the school. George says: “I am proud to be an ex-St. Peter’s student and of all the charity work that the school does. I am looking forward to coming back and supporting the Year 9 students with their run and hope I can push them along towards their target of getting to Wales.”