School Ski Trip report

I have been going on the school ski trip since year 8 in 2012 and it is great opportunity to get experience skiing on snow, to learn a lot, and to improve your skiing across the week.  It is very different to skiing at a place like Matson ski slope where the terrain is so different and you make so much more progress when skiing with the school.

I really enjoy the atmosphere these trips provide, allowing students to take a week to enjoy many miraculous views, experiences and just to enjoy a sport. The trip also allows for students and teachers to have a bit of a chill-out week from the thoughts of school and work, it is also a great opportunity to get out of a comfort zone and try something new and make new friends. Students have the opportunity to get to know students from other year groups, as well as some teachers, and the students will be able to ski with the teachers once ski school is finished.  This will allow the teacher to see how the students are progressing and the student themselves to get some support and encouragement from them.

Skiing is a sport that is very hard to get into and not many schools give the opportunity to participate in such activities, because it is very difficult to plan and find willing teachers to help. I believe here at St Peter’s this opportunity is a very good idea for everyone to enjoy, because skiing is a sport anyone can enjoy. Even students who are not into many sports will enjoy skiing, because it is very rewarding -  the knowledge you are able to ski down a mountain independently is a spectacular feeling.

I started skiing 15 years ago up at Matson ski slope and have been improving my skills over the years.  I joined the Gloucester Race team in 2010 and have been competing in the British slalom circuit for 8 years and have also transitioned onto snow racing with the dream of one day qualifying for the World Cup and hopefully even the Winter Olympics.  By going on the school ski trip I have furthered my ability and have learnt how to adapt to a wide range of terrains and slopes.  On this year’s ski trip I moved one step further to achieving my dream of making skiing my job, when the Head Instructor of St Michael’s Schischule (Ski School)  offered  me a job once I have my instructing qualification.

By Líam Bates