Eco Club & the Queens Commonwealth Canopy Project.

This term eco club is taking part in the Queens Commonwealth Canopy project.

Launched in 2015 by The Queen, the Queens Commonwealth Canopy is an initiative with the main goals of raising awareness within the commonwealth of the value of indigenous forests and to conserve and expand them for the good of future generations. The canopy is a collective action by all countries of the commonwealth to combat climate change and an example of how unified action globally is needed to tackle global problems.


At St Peter's we are contributing by planting 10 trees across the school (4 silver birch, 4 rowan and 2 hazel trees)  and much of our work this term will involve ensuring this is done properly so the trees can benefit the school community and the environment for years to come. To do this we will be deciding on the best place in the school grounds to plant and creating tree protectors out of recycled bottles to keep the saplings safe while they are first planted.


By Dom Yr12.

The Queens Commonwealth Canopy project icon.