Eco Club News

What we have been doing since the start of the school year and the reasons why we come to eco club each week………….


So far at eco club this year we have done bird watching which was fun. We counted the birds on the far school field which was organised by the RSPB (The Big Schools Count). We have learnt about the water cycle and made posters about it which you can see in lab 10. We used autumn leaves to make pictures of hedgehogs and this was really good fun!

I came to eco club because my friend told me about it and I then started it. It is really fun and interesting and it is good to know about the environment, plus we do fun activities.

Charlie and Beth


Eco club allows students the opportunity to learn about ecological problems in school and to offer some solutions.

Attending eco club, contributes towards the ‘community’ badge as part of the ROCK Award.

It provides learning on subjects which helps us when it comes up in science and geography.

Callum and Benjamin


Over the last few years we have been collecting milk bottle tops for the guide dog association. This has now stopped but it was a very successful thing.

We went to the far field to count birds. We counted the different types of birds. Examples of the birds we saw are blackbirds, magpies and a lot of seagulls.

We helped to collect sticks, leaves and other materials to make a second bug house which was done as part of Black History Month when Gillian Burke visited (one of the springwatch presenter)

We sat as a group and discussed how the water cycle works and then made posters of it using diagrams and labels.

We are here because it is awesome and we save the day by helping the environment and the activities are fun!

Devonte, Danny and Susie


Bird watching – A great chance to explore our school grounds whilst counting birds for the RSPB Big Schools Birdwatch.

Imagining a sustainable world – makes you think about ‘what if’ for reality – a vision of the future

Origami flowers – an artistic expression. Reusing materials to make something new

Milk bottle birds - individual futures, leaving a mark behind by hanging them in the tree above the bug hotel.

String challenge – visual representation of our delicate ecosystem. A useful demonstration which involved all members of eco club, requiring them to pay attention or it will all collapse.

Why do we come?

  • - The learning, to know more about the environment. It makes us aware of the problems.
  • - Adventure – activities like bird watching
  • - Making a difference, however small
  • - To help make our school more environmentally friendly
  • - To know the causes of Earth’s problems

Davina, Mary and Alyssa