EES A Grand day out!

On Monday the 17th of June 2019, 5 of St Peters RC High School Year 12 students finished a 6 month Engineering Education Scheme working alongside engineers from L3 TRL Technologies based in Tewkesbury by going to the graduation day at Bath University and coming back with the “Contribution to Business” Award. 

The 5 students: David Charzewski, Paul Kodankandath, Josie Poole-Jones, Dominic Thomas, Joshua Hensley with the support from Mr Jones-Parry (Head of Physics) and Engineers Alice Roizer and Aaron Townsend worked on building, from concept, a device to count the number of people or objects passing a place. The team decided to focus on the counting of people through a doorway so it can be used to measure footfall in a shop, or refined to be used to count the number of people within a building during an evacuation.

EES Bath Uni 2019 presentation 1EES Bath Uni 2019 presentation 2EES Bath Uni 2019 presentation 3

The team moved from concept, to research and then testing at Bath University on the 28th and 29th of January. This gave time for the students and engineers to build and revise their device to work more smoothly. The team then moved onto writing a report and creating a presentation for the recent graduation day.

EES Bath Uni 2019 presentation 4EES Bath Uni 2019 presentation 5EES Bath Uni 2019 presentation 6

These two tasks, with the report breaking the 50 page barrier, where no easy tasks, but with their hard efforts it is these two things, along with their displays to the public and question from the judges which gave them the Award. Each student also achieved the Gold Standard Industrial Cadet award for their completion of the project.

 EES Bath Uni 2019 presentation 7EES Bath Uni 2019 presentation 8EES Bath Uni 2019 presentation 9

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