CSI Workshop in a Box for Years 10 and 11 from GROWS

Bringing the CSI effect into your home

The popular CSI Workshop in a Box for Years 10 and 11 is back this half term on Wednesday June 2nd!!!!!

Is your young person interested in working in the Criminal Justice System or Forensic Science sector? Maybe they want to be a Criminologist, Forensic Specialist or Police Officer?

This virtual workshop explores how the latest forensic science techniques are used at a Crime Scene Investigation #CSI

Pupils will receive a kit of forensic gadgets (to keep!) which they will dust for fingerprints with, look at hair and fibre under a microscopic torch, analyse footwear prints and use UV lights to uncover marks with during the event!

Request a place for your young person here www.grows.ac.uk/csi  

Priority places will be given to those who meet certain postcode criteria, please see the GROWS website for more information