Message about Year 11 & 13 Mock exams

Dear Parents/Carers

As you are of course aware the final public exams for year 11 and 13 have been cancelled to be replaced by some form of Centre-assessed grades (CAGs). The format of the CAGs has yet to be finalised however, based on last year’s experience there is a chance that mock results will form at least part of the process.  

Originally we had scheduled the year 11 and 13 Spring term mocks to take place over the 2 weeks commencing after half term. Right now that cannot happen as schools are still not open but we have been given a provisional date of March 8th for schools to open – possibly for years 11 and 13 only to begin with.

With this in mind we are planning to run the March mock exams for year 11 on the week commencing March 15th and for year 13 on week commencing March 22nd. The mocks will do 2 key things: 1 – give the students a chance to provide evidence of their abilities and effort. 2 – Give the school robust data which might (and I must stress that we don’t know at this stage) be used as part of our process in working out the final CAGs.

The mocks themselves will be in exam conditions with external invigilators just as we did for the November mocks and just as we would have done for the final summer exams if they were to have taken place.

As we want to give our students the best chance to prepare for these mocks we attach the mock content for both year 11 and 13. The class teachers will discuss this in more detail with the students as we approach the mocks but half-term provides a good time for the students to prepare their notes and check for any gaps as well as being an important time to switch off from work. That work and rest balance is part of the challenge for every year 11 and 13, every year.

There are of course several caveats to our plan: the students might not be in school before Easter; the mocks may well not count for the final CAGs but any mock is an excellent chance to produce solid, fair and reliable evidence of a student’s ability. We have a contingency plan to run the mocks straight after Easter if the initial plan doesn’t go ahead but we will contact you to discuss this in more detail next half-term if that is the case.

Yours sincerely

Mr Lax – Head of Key Stage 4

Mr Fullerton – Head of 6th form

Year 11 and 13 March mocks content 2021