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Key Stage Five Maths

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KS5 Homework

Year 12 and 13 A Level and Core maths

A level:

Homework will take 2 forms:

Ongoing practice:

  • Students should complete about one hour of individual consolidation/practice per lesson. They will use their textbooks for this and complete the work in their ‘purple for practice’ books.  They will self mark, using the answers in the back of the book and be expected to seek help from the teacher to clarify any difficulties. 
  • Teachers will carry out spot checks to ensure this work is being done to a satisfactory standard.


Weekly assignments:

  • These will be based on exam style questions.
  • Students will have a week to complete.
  • Teachers will mark, comment on and grade these and compare to targets. ( work below target will need to be re-done, or more rigorous checking of ongoing practice).
  • This work will be kept in a ring binder


Core Maths:

As A level, but with a fortnightly assignment.


Year 12 GCSE groups

As key stage 4.    

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