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Key Stage Four Maths

KS4 pupils with inspiring guest speaker

At St. Peter's students take Edexcel higher or foundation maths GCSE in year 11. For further information on the examining boards specification please click here.

Parents often ask how they can support their child with maths. The department subscribes to a digital system Kerboodle, which allows pupils to access the maths text book and online video tutorials, to support the work they are covering in class.  In addition there are direct links from the digital text book to mymaths lessons. Login and password is the pupil's first initial and last name (for example Joe Bloggs would have a login of jbloggs and the institution code is jo8.  

KS4 Homework

Students will have a separate homework book. 

Homework will take 2 forms:

  • A short (15-20 mins) piece after most lessons to reinforce the learning of the lesson.
    • The work will be put on Show My Homework, not printed off. It may be electronic, eg MyMaths or questions from Kerboodle
    • This will be completed in the students’ classwork book.
    • It is to be completed by the next Maths lesson.
    • It will be marked/corrected in class by the student, using green pens. If appropriate they can give a mark out of 5 or 10. However, their corrections/comments more relevant.
  • A longer piece about once per fortnight.  
    • This will be common to students of similar ability across the department.
    • This will not be printed off for the student, but will be put on SMH.
    • The students will complete it in their homework books
    • The students will have one week to complete it so that they can seek help as needed.
    • It will be marked/corrected in class by the student, using green pens.
    • They will complete an assessment sheet in their books to help them build a picture of areas for development
    • Teachers will collect this in and comment on this task, a positive comment and a ‘to improve’ comment, using purple pen. The work will not be graded. 

Assessment point tests:

These will be common to students of similar ability across the department.

They will be write on tests and will be marked by the teacher and graded.  These will be stapled into the back of the student’s exercise book. 


For all homeworks, students must take time and carefully consider the problems set.  For full credit, correct answers are to be supported by clear and correct working out.  Students should consider drafting their work in rough then copying it up neatly, taking pride in their homework books.  They need to make sure that they fulfil the requirements of the task.  Staff  are available for help and support. 


 GCSE Predicted Papers

OnMaths: Predicted Papers (coming soon) note if server is down to high demand use

MathsGenie: Predicted Papers

Pinpoint learning: Targeted prediced papers by grade

JustMaths: Practice Papers
Half Term Homeworks

CorbettMaths: Preparation Materials

PixiMaths: Practice Papers

MathsZest: Target Topics and Questions

Mr Chadburn: (coming soon)


GCSE (9-1) Practice tests

Practice paper bronze set 1 - 1-3

Practice paper silver set 1 - 1-3

Practice paper gold set 1 - 1-3

Practice paper bronze set 1 - 4-5

Practice paper silver set 1 - 4-5

Practice paper gold set 1 - 4-5

Practice paper bronze set 1 - 5-6

Practice paper silver set 1 - 5-6

Practice paper gold set 1 - 5-6

Practice paper bronze set 1 - 7-9

Practice paper silver set 1 - 7-9

Practice paper gold set 1 - 7-9


Exam support

Foundation GCSE skill checklist

Higher GCSE skill checklist

Pixi maths exam techniques

Suffolkmaths revision techniques

Exam solutions - GCSE maths videos

Seneca learning - all subjects accelerated learning


Useful links for support with homework and revision

Kerboodle (institution code: jo8)

GCSE Bitesize

Mymaths (School login: Petershigh)

Top Marks

Corbett Maths

KESH Maths Takeaway

BBC Education

St Albans High School


Dr Frost Maths (School name: St Peter's RC High School)

Level 1 support

BBC Skillswise

Yr 11 revision