Drama KS4 Programme

Exam board: OCR

GCSE Drama is an exciting and challenging course which focuses on performing and presenting skills, providing opportunities for you to work as part of a team in both scripted and devised drama. You will develop essential communication and presentation skills during the course which transfer to the workplace in any profession. Indeed, previous drama students have gone on to occupations ranging from theatre and theatre administration, teaching and the law to medicine, the services and business enterprise.

During the course you will explore different styles (for example realism, melodrama, non-naturalism and potentially stage combat) and you will learn how to modify language and tone to suit purpose and audience. You will present and perform in 3 examined units and justify your ideas in a working record. There is also the opportunity to work with older students on joint projects. Not only does Drama GCSE help you develop your confidence, it encourages self-discipline, independence and critical thinking. Furthermore, there are opportunities to develop knowledge of the technical aspects of theatre such as lighting, sound, costume and set design. If you enjoy a challenge, want to develop your confidence and presentational skills, and have excellent attendance, then this course is for you.