KS4 Careers Years 10 & 11

In year 11 you will need to make some important decisions about your future pathways. Exploring your career ideas will be really useful.  

In addition to the careers activities which you will cover in class, you might also want to talk through your ideas and plans with a registered careers adviser. One to one appointments can be made by calling in at the careers center.


Finding out more about the career sector you would like to work in is an important part of career planning. It can help answer questions such as:-

  • Is it a thriving sector or does the economic environment mean there are likely to be closures or redundancies.
  • Is the area a growth sector and are new jobs predicted in the future?
  • Are there local opportunities for this type of employment?

The following websites will help me to find out more about the labour market:- Nomis – Official Labour Market Statistics www.nomisweb.co.uk Graduate Prospects www.prospects.ac.uk and LMI For All www.lmiforall.org.uk

LMI For All www.lmiforall.org.uk  is an online data portal, developed by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, which brings together existing national sources of high quality labour market information (LMI) that can help  inform your choices about careers.  


Advice on choosing your A levels

Career options

Advice for students interested in Higher Education

The UK’s 50 most popular universities for school leavers

Target Careers website:- https://targetcareers.co.uk/ 

Free guide for those interested in applying to Medical School from Premed projects:  Applying to medical school guide

 Building your CV

Work experience

The UK’s 100 most popular employers for school leavers

Apprenticeships .

Higher and Degree apprenticeships are widening access to the professions bringing together the very best of higher and vocational education. Degree apprenticeships give students  the opportunity to attain a degree from some of our best universities whilst training in a top flight career. Tuition fees are paid for by the employer and the government and you will be learning and earning a salary from day one.

To download a copy of the listing please visit:


Gain access the very latest apprenticeship information through live broadcasts – completely free of charge! Watch

interviews with employers and their apprentices by joining live or watching on catch-up at a time to suit you.

Visit: www.amazingapprenticeships.com/live-broadcasts

Parent/Carers – for further information about apprenticeships please download the following guide:-



Click here to read the St Peter's Careers Strategy

Click here to read information about making Careers advice impartial and effective