Biology A level

Head of Biology Mr F Rouffet

Our department follows the AQA syllabus. All Pupils are provided with a personal text book and Folders to support their leaning. Each folder contains syllabus notes, revision aids, past papers and additional reading resources covering every subtopic taught in modules 1-5. 

Exam board and Specification

AQA Specification. Full details on specification and marking criteria here.

AS assesment

ISA = 20% of the total As grade (10% of the A level marks)

Unit 1 exam = 33.3% of As (16.7% of A level)

Unit 2 exam = 46.7% of As (23.3% of A level)


A level assesment

ISA = 10% of the total A level grade

 Unit 4 exam = 16.7% 

 Unit 5 exam = 23.3%


Forthcoming trips and events

Each year the School of Biochemistry opens its doors for Schools Week. Year 12/13 students are invited into the School for a day of talks and demonstrations. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about Biochemistry and to meet lecturers and postgraduate students from the School.

Year 13 leavers

Well done and good luck to all of our hard working Yr13 biologists! Keep in touch & let us know how you get on in the next phase of your studies.


Tony Chesson award winner 2014 (for outstanding work in KS5 Biology)

Anna Pitts

Anna is a kind and hardworking student who firmly believes that it is better to be busy then bored. She has been a most diligent student of A2 Biology, giving 100 % throughout the course and producing excellent scores along the way. She is keen to learn and has grown into a great Biologist, and one who her former Teacher, Mr Chesson, would have been proud of.

What is truly special about Anna however, is her capacity and willingness to help others. Despite the fact that she has had all the pressure of University applications and A-level exams, she has found time in her day to work with and mentor younger students. She is passionate about science, and has been volunteering to help tutor younger pupils in science through our afterschool Gifted and talented programme since year 10.  Despite her increased workload and commitments in yr13, she has continued to actively support the science department, by aiding in events such as the national chemistry day and open evenings, and in planning and delivering after-school workshops to KS3 students, in which they have explored the molecular basis of DNA. She has also been helping one of our EAL students with his Science, so that he too has been able to make progress.

It is therefore not only because of her ability, but also her commitment to helping others, that Anna has been nominated for the Tony Chesson award for Biology.